TV Schedule

10.00 AM (60 Minutes)
FBI: Criminal Pursuit (Season 3) Trap, Kill, Repeat TV-14, CC Women are turning up dead in the Windy City, brutally raped, killed and burned. But in a city this size, it will take time before the FBI realizes they have a monstrous serial killer on their hands… who is operating right under everyone’s noses.
11.00 AM (60 Minutes)
I (Almost) Got Away with It Got to Burn a Truck TV-14, CC Jermaine LeBron and a group of friends murder a man in Florida and steal his expensive truck. LeBron then teams up with Howard Kendall to continue the crime spree. Their plan unravels when the friends confess to the murder and rats LeBron out to police.
12.00 PM (60 Minutes)
I (Almost) Got Away With It (Season 5) GOT to Become A Neo-Nazi TV-14, CC John Ditullio Jr. is a fugitive wanted for assault who joins the American Nazi Party. He is devoted to the group’s cause and later kills a neighbor who he feels is an enemy of the white race. After a tense takedown, he is captured and now serving time.