TV Schedule

Wednesday Oct 22 12.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Ice Lake Rebels: Deep Freeze The Big Move TV-PG, CC Packed with Deep Freeze insider extras and a sneak peek at new show Edge of Alaska - It's an Ice Lake wedding! The houseboaters attend Stephan and Allyce's nuptials, Molly is left in charge of the family barges, and Pike Mike moves to a remote location.
Wednesday Oct 22 09.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Cuff Me If You Can No Life of the Party TV-14, CC Andre Wood is gunned down by Thomas Lollis who skips town shortly after. When police close in, Lollis' only escape is to jump from the second story window where he breaks his foot. Running through the pain, is he fast enough to evade capture again?
Wednesday Oct 22 10.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Cuff Me If You Can Cross-Country Con Man TV-14, CC William Hawley is a locksmith and con artist who specializes in home invasions. Upon robbing a policeman he flees to Nevada until undercover sting lands him in jail. Once released he returns to a life of crime while police are hot on this trail.
Wednesday Oct 22 11.00 AM (60 Minutes)
American Gangs Aryan Brotherhood of Texas TV-14, CC The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is one of America's most violent white supremacists gangs. Notorious for killings and kidnappings, they also aim to control the Texas Meth trade. Now a power struggle pits the gang against itself and things get even uglier.