TV Schedule

09.00 AM (60 Minutes)
I (Almost) Got Away With It (Season 5) GOT to Prey on Tourists TV-14, CC Patsy Jones is the leader of a band of thieves, targeting tourists leaving the Miami airport by robbing and carjacking them at gunpoint. One night, a tourist fails to stop and Jones shoots and kills him. She hides in an abandoned apartment.
10.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Disappeared (Season 2) No Exit TV-PG, CC Tanya Rider goes missing after her shift in a grocery store in Bellevue, Washington. Her husband Tom tries filing a missing person's report but is refused because police believe she left on her own. Police later zero in on Tom as their prime suspect.
11.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Wicked Attraction (Season 2) The Folsom Wolf TV-14, CC An ex-con dubbed the Folson Wolf, James Marlow persuades his girlfriend, Cynthia Coffman, to travel across the country torturing, raping, and killing young women. But was James really the one who was controlled by Cynthia to carry out her master plan?
12.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Sins & Secrets (Season 2) Mio TV-14, CC As best friends Brian Ognjan and David Tyll arrived in Mio, Michigan for a hunting trip, the two men had no idea they'd end up as prey. The 18-year investigation that followed would reveal a tale of wrong turns, bullying brothers and a wood chipper.
01.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Deadly Seas The North Atlantic TV-PG, CC The North Atlantic is America’s deadliest sea, claiming 165 lives in the last ten years. Captain Eddie Welch has survived three hurricanes and a boat sinking. Scallop dredging in the North Atlantic is known to be the most dangerous of all.